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What we practically do is pretty simple but in the same time incredibly complex

Our Working Philosophy

“There is more than one path to the top of a mountain“.

We wish that GIS was easy, but it’s not. We want to make it easy. ESRI and other geospatial companies have made user-friendly interfaces and now we think that GIS is easier. For some, it isn’t. Because it looks like Power Point, or Photoshop, or Excel, we think that anyone should be able to use it. However, effective GIS use (and some web development) requires all of these elements:

  • Technical knowledge of GIS tools and a solid background in GIS and database theory
  • A conscious and disciplined approach to problem solving and strong organizational skills
  • A deep understanding of the relationship between the GIS data model and the natural phenomenon that one is trying to emulate
  • Experience, including plenty of mistakes, frustration and occasional anger, interspersed with just enough success to fool you into thinking you’re up for the next challenge.


Our decade plus of experience brings all of the elements together necessary to complete your GIS and web project successfully.

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